Capital Digitronics, Inc. is a locally owned company (incorporated in 1975), engaged in the sales and service of two way radio and microwave equipment. We were originally affiliated with GE Mobile Radio, which has since evolved through other corporate entities to finally become Harris Public Safety and Professional Communications (PSPC), part of L3Harris Technologies.

Capital Digitronics, Inc. offers DMR radio dispatch service through our network of 4 sites in the greater Capital Region..  We have also constructed privately owned 800 MHz trunking systems for Momentive Performance Materials (formerly GE Silicones) in Waterford, New York and for the City of Troy, New York.

In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, Capital Digitronics played a major role in the implementation of mobile data systems by police agencies in the Capital District. We formed a public/private partnership with these agencies allowing them the use of our EDACS systems and helping integrate the hardware and software necessary to run mobile computer systems from their cars.

In 2002 and 2003, we sold and installed a County-wide Mobile Data Network to Rensselaer County. It utilized 4 existing County sites running through a EDACS Data Gateway (EDG). Part of this contract was a separate radio gateway-based mobile data system for the City of Troy, which already owned its own EDACS infrastructure.

In 2004, we sold and installed a 6 channel 4 site VHF Simulcast System for Warren County, New York. This system included 2 new microwave hops between the Municipal Center, Prospect Mountain, and Gore Mountain. This installation was unique for the fact that besides microwave linking the sites, we also used fiber T-1’s for the sites where there was no microwave paths.

In 2005, we were awarded a contract from Albany County, New York to provide and install a 6 site 3 channel VHF simulcast system not unlike Warren County’s. This system included a substantial microwave package (both licensed and unlicensed), as well as MASTR III Repeaters, Intraplex Multiplexers (Channel Banks), JPS Voters and Spectracom GPS receivers. It went on line in 2007.

In 2008, we were awarded a contract to design, provide and install a 4 site 1 channel 800 MHz simulcast system for the Town of Glenville, NY. This involved adding 3 new sites to the one the Town already had, including building one site from the ground up. The infrastructure was composed of the same elements as Albany County’s. The new system provided 95% coverage for portables in the Town; a large improvement over the 40% coverage they had before. It was accepted in March, 2010.

In 2011, we were awarded the contract for the Global Foundries P25 Site Radio System by M+W US, the site’s prime contractor. The system was successfully completed on schedule and on budget. In 2014 we sold and installed Zetron Max Dispatch consoles for the Schenectady County Unified Communications Center (UCC). Recently, we upgraded the Warren County VHF simulcast system with Harris/Tait ASIP technology and TB 9400 repeaters

Our biggest maintenance customer is the New York State Thruway Authority, which we have been doing since 1976. We maintain 40 MASTR III repeater sites, over 2100 L3Harris mobiles, plus portables and control stations. In 2021, we sold two 10 position Zetron Max Dispatch consoles for the Thruway Headquarters in Albany, where communications are controlled over the 623 mile road.