Momentive Performance Materials
EDACS Trunked Radio System 1995

City Of Troy, New York
Municipal EDACS Trunked Radio System 1999

Rensselaer County, New York
Cops More EDACS Mobile Data System 2002

Warren County, New York
VHF Simulcast 4 Site System 2004

Albany, County, New York
VHF Simulcast 3 Site System Upgrade 2006

Town Of Glenville, New York
800 MHz 4 Site Simulcast System 2009

Global Foundries, Malta, New York
800 MHz Digital Trunked Radio System 2011

City of Troy Police Dept/RPI Security, Troy, NY
800 MHz P25 Radio System Installation 2012-13

Schenectady County Unified Communications Center (UCC)
Installation of 10 Zetron Max Dispatch Consoles 2014

Rensselaer County, New York
Sale and Installation of Harris Unity Multiband Mobiles and Portables for Interoperability Project 2014-15

City of Troy Enlarged School District       

Provided Harris P25 Digital portable radios District wide in 2015                                                                   

Warren County, New York                                                                                                                    Upgraded Simulcast System Tait ASIP Technology (7 sites, 35 repeaters) 2018

Hamilton County, New York

Installed VHF Simulcast Sites using Tait ASIP Technology 2019-20