Zetron’s new MAX Dispatch gives you the solid reliability and performance you expect from Zetron in a breakthrough, IP-based dispatch console system.


  • Intelligent UI selectively displays important information. Reduces information overload automatically, allowing the dispatchers to focus on the incident at hand.
  • Built-in Network Health Monitor provides constant, real-time feedback. Automatically makes both users and technicians aware of network conditions that could degrade performance.
  • “IT EZ” automatically configures IP parameters within the local network. Reduces IT labor and helps avoid system conflicts.
  • Dual connections allow for complete end-to-end network redundancy. Keeps your system up and running in the event of a loss of a network.

Series 4000 – Communications Control System

The Series 4000 is a communication control system designed for medium-sized communications centers. In addition to exceptional reliability, the Series 4000 offers easy programming and economical upgrades.

Unique Series 4000 capabilities include CRT based operator positions, trunked radio compatibility, and an integrated instant recall recorder that captures radio traffic on each channel.

Featuring three styles of operating positions and two common controller sizes, a Series 4000 system can be economically scaled to accommodate from 8 to 48 channels and from 1 to 16 operator positions.