Multiband Portables


  • XL-200P Full Spectrum Portable (LTE Capable)

Designed with input from Public Safety professionals, the Harris XL-200P is the best full-spectrum, LTE-capable radio on the market today. Merging high-speed data with robust LMR voice, this ruggedized portable delivers leading-edge connectivity across broadband and 700/800 MHz, VHF and UHF-H bands. The XL-200P also features an A-B-C-D switch that’s easy to operate while wearing gloves, a 1.5 watt dual-speaker for crystal clear audio, plus front and top LCD displays–all packaged in a slim, ergonomically-contoured shape. Plus, its 10-hour battery lasts all shift long with a streamlined profile that won’t add bulk to your belt.

  • The P25 single-band XL-185M and multiband XL-200M mobile radios deliver audio excellence through an ergonomic digital microphone and advanced noise cancellation technology ensuring you will be heard in noisy environments. Designed for the unique demands of Public Safety and Utilities, the XL FAMILY of mobile radios is LTE ready and features standard Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and GPS. These advanced mobile radios meet MIL-STD-810G tests to operate in extremely rugged conditions and are easy to use with a high-visibility 3.3-inch color LCD display, 8 programmable buttons and simple menu access.


Connect across all your bands from one dynamic portable, featuring: 

  • Seamless Multiband Performance
    The TP9800 Multiband Portable is configurable to operate on any combination of VHF, UHF and 700/800MHz bands.
  • Flexible Configuration and Deployment
    Flexible and simple ordering and deployment of single, dual, and multiband operation at time of purchase, or post deployment using over the air programming.
  • No Locked Bands
    Bands are not locked and can be reconfigured via the programming software. For example, a TP9800 single band radio can be reprogrammed to operate on VHF, UHF or 7/800MHz, operating one band at a time without requiring additional licenses.