Capital Digitronics, Inc. and Tait are pleased to present information about digital radio communications.   These products are based on the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). DMR Tier II is a single frequency TDMA protocol. It provides many advantages over traditional analog conventional radios.  DMR Tier III is a trunking protocol with a control channel  Both provide:

  • Twice the capacity in “talkpath” voice traffic
  • Backwards compatibility with legacy analog systems
  • Longer battery life and greater power efficiency
  • Ease of use and creation of data applications
  • Advanced control features
  • Superior digital audio performance

TP2210 Series Budget Minded Digital Portables

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TP3300 Series More Capabilities and Colors


TP9300 Series Professional Quality and Intrinsically Safe



TB7300 Slimline Repeater

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The Tait TB7300 is a Base Station/Repeater for DMR Tier III or DMR Tier II systems and analog repeaters. This rugged solution delivers exceptional receiver performance and is engineered for easy transportation and installation. It’s an ideal choice for compact areas, fitting into a single 1RU space within an industry standard 19-inch width equipment rack.


Tait TM9300 DMR mobiles deliver digital Tier II and Tier III and conventional operation

  • TM 9315